The Great Martingale system

When you are a beginner, relying on a gaming system is the best way to learn and to be able to track your progress at free credit slot ewallet roulette: for this reason, the Martingale system is a great way to start playing. It is a very simple betting strategy based on the concept of doubling the bet every time it is lost. But how did the Martingale system become the most popular roulette game strategy? It’s all due to John Henry Martingale, its inventor, a casino tycoon who in the late 19th century understood that a good way to encourage players to invest more, even when the bank was losing, was precise to make them bet twice.

Apparently, it may seem like a contradiction: but in reality, it proves to be an effective method because it allows the player to optimize the losses in case of a negative result of one or more hands, and the dealer cushions his losses recovering higher figures in general, with the participation from all clients. The initial Martingale theory was refined and gave birth to the Martingale system, which we will explain in more detail below.

How to play with the most famous system

So what does the Martingale system consist of? It’s very simple: the player makes a small bet on odds two, betting on the outer sections. If you lose, you double your bet until you win in order to recover the initial bet. This is all based on the fact that outside bets are obviously lower, but also more likely than inside bets paid out at 35/1.

Do not forget that the dealer always benefits from the well-known “house edge,” the principle that makes it possible for casinos to be maintained thanks to the participation of the players, and which for European roulette coincides with the percentage of 2, 70%. An even safer, good alternative to try this system is to try your luck at French roulette: since the “in prison” rule is valid, the house edge falls to 1.36% if the ball falls to 0, as half the amount wagered on a bet with two results is returned to the player who is playing.

Martingale system examples

The key to this bet online casino Malaysia system is duplication: a small sum is wagered on the external sections. If lost, the bet is doubled until winning, in order to recover the losses and initial bet.

Given its widespread use, the Martingale system has also undergone some small changes over the years, and although the original method remains largely unchanged, two very interesting game variants have been created:

  • The Inverted Martingale System: Like the classic Martingale system, it’s all about doubling down, in this case, however, after a win. When a loss is suffered, however, bets should be reduced to their initial base value.
  • The Great Martingale system: ideal for those with a large budget at their disposal, the Great Martingale system consists of doubling the bet and also adding the initial bet to the bet.

This type of roulette system is designed for those who have a good investment budget: luck is blind, but experience helps to optimize games and improve your skills.

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