How Does Return to Player (RTP) Work?

Another essential acronym that slot machine players cannot overlook is the RTP or Return To Player, that is, the casino’s statistical return in each game. We can then identify a sufficiently stable average percentage value for each slot or casino game and thus opt for the one that suits us best or best suits our style of play.

This figure is expressed as a percentage and can be distinguished between high and low RTP. A high RTP indicates greater ease of prizes from the player since online slot game Malaysia with a high RTP are where you win more regularly. However, this also has its counterpart, since very often the amounts to be won are lower than those of games with low RTP, which usually reward the lesser frequency of prizes with higher jackpots or jackpots (something that happens especially in the case of progressive slots). Therefore, RTP is a key factor to consider when choosing which slot machine to play. It’s up to you!

Advantages and disadvantages of playing slots with a low RTP compared to slots with a high RTP

As we have just seen, RTP is the second essential factor for the transparency and proper functioning of a slot machine. A slot machine with a low Player Return may be more convenient to play if higher payouts are your goal. In these cases, the RTP is lower because every time you bet an amount per play, a small part of it (a percentage) is added to the total pot, making it much more attractive. However, other players may prioritize winning more often than winning higher sums. In this case, according to this personal preference, one should opt for a high RTP slot. Did you know…?

To choose your slot with low or high RTP, always consult its specifications or directly the paytable of each slot machine: RTP is always indicated by a percentage that normally ranges between 90% and 98.5%.

Questions and answers about RNG and RTP

When it comes to numbers, things can get complicated. To reinforce these concepts, we present you the most frequently asked questions about RNG and RTP, and their answers explained clearly so that you can choose the slot that suits you best.

Is it better to play a slot with high RTP or low RTP?

The answer depends on the player’s preference. If you prefer a slot with a high RTP, you can win more often, but lower amounts. If you are looking for a delicious jackpot, you are more likely to do so with a low RTP slot.

Does RNG work at all times?

Of course, yes! It is one of the most advanced and sophisticated systems to guarantee the total impartiality and randomness of the systems that govern the profits in slot machines and online games, making it reliable, always, without exceptions. The RNG is always running, and when the reels stop, the symbols always appear randomly distributed.

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